October 31, 2017 1 min read

There are the bar geeks who have every type of accoutrement and device one can imagine behind the home bar, and then there are the minimalists who take pride in using only the necessary tools. While having interesting toys and gadgets for your bar is fun, there are only a few tools that are crucial for enjoying your favorite cocktail.

The essential cocktail set contains everything you will ever need to make your usual libation. A good cook once told me that the only knives you will really ever need are a chef’s knife and a pairing knife to get the job done. The same sentiment is true when it comes to making cocktails. This essential cocktail set is made by Cocktail Kingdom and is used by the pros. In fact, you’re likely to come across the same set being used at your favorite cocktail bar.

The set includes everything you need, whether you take your poison shaken or stirred. There’s a seamless Yarai mixing glass and a stainless steel Hoffman bar spoon for those who fear that shaking dilutes their Manhattans, and a set of Koriko weighted shaking tins for those who heed Mr. Bond’s sage advice. The set also includes a stainless steel jigger for ensuring proper proportions, and a strainer for the final, well-executed pour. Sometimes just the basics are enough to make a perfect cocktail and impress friends.

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