October 31, 2017 1 min read

Home brew kits have been popular among craft beer enthusiasts for some time. There’s a certain excitement and novelty that goes into brewing your own beer. And of course there’s the satisfaction of sipping on a cold beer that you made. It’s hard to believe, but some people don’t like beer or are allergic to it. Finally, there’s something simple and fun for gin aficionados to enjoy.

The distillation process for liquor is slightly more complex than fermenting beer, and the prospect of making your own liquor can be intimidating. You don’t want to end up drinking bathtub moonshine and going blind. Fortunately, this homemade gin kit is easy and fun. The only thing you need is unflavored vodka, and the rest comes with the set. The kit includes two 375-milliliter glass bottles, a fine stainless steel strainer, a funnel, a tin of juniper berries, and our secret botanical blend.

Reviewing the Homemade Gin Kit

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The process couldn’t be easier, and after 36 hours you’ll be able to appreciate your own hooch. Everyone has tasted their buddy’s homebrew beer, but you’ll blow them away with your homemade gin. The kit also makes an excellent birthday or holiday gift. Once you discover the ratio of juniper and botanicals you prefer in your homemade gin, continue the adventure by using it for your Martinis, Tom Collins, or Gin and Tonics. Better yet, give a guest one of these cocktails and see if they can notice the difference between Tanqueray and your homemade stuff.