November 15, 2017 2 min read

There are so many styles of beer, and they each have their own distinctive flavors, aromas, colors, and body. While the ubiquitous English pint glass works, having the proper glass for each style of beer can help accentuate its unique character. Our lager glass is perfect for highlighting its varying colors and light taste. We offer a slightly taller and more slender glass for pilsners as well. The narrow shape of these glasses helps accentuate the hop flavors and aromas, the carbonation and color, and induces a good head.

American wheat beers have a full body and a cloudy appearance. Our American wheat beer glasses are wide, and perfect for appreciating the style’s bronze, tawny color and citrus aromas.

Stouts are known for their dark brown to black color and flavors and aromas reminiscent of coffee, chocolate, and toffee. These stout glasses are perfect for appreciating the depth and character of the classic stout, highlighting the style’s richness. 

We Have The Best Best Glasses For All Beers

IPAs are definitely the trend these days, so it might be wise to have the proper glass. These IPA glasses are perfect for experiencing both the bitter, piney notes of a West Coast IPA or the more balanced malt notes of an East Coast IPA.

The tulip glass is ideal for Belgian-style beers ranging from saisons to tripels. The wide bubble shape of these glasses allows you to experience more of the characteristic aromatics of a variety of Belgian styles. 

Hefeweizens are German wheat beers that are often cloudy in appearance with flavors and aromas that include banana, clove, and fruit. The unfiltered yeast contributes to the opaque appearance and soft banana flavors. These Hefeweizen glasses are perfect for appreciating the colors, body, flavors, and aromas of this classic German style. 

Our ultimate craft beer glass is suitable for emphasizing the flavors and aromas of any beer style. The ultimate craft beer glass is also somewhat of a chalice, if you’re looking for something more regal.