October 31, 2017 2 min read

Swirling wine around in a glass lets it breathe a little, but decanters are an excellent tool for aerating wine. A variety of chemical reactions take place when wine is exposed to oxygen, which affects the flavors and aromas over time. The larger the surface area, the more oxygen the wine is exposed to. Decanters have a large amount of volume, and in turn surface area that allows the wine to breath more easily.

There are many kinds of decanters, ranging from simple to extravagant. Some decanters are even grape-specific. We offer a variety of decanters to make sure your wine opens up nicely. There’s a simple jug decanter that works well for any kind of wine and is even good for holding spirits.

Geometric Decanter

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But if you want your decanter to be a statement piece or part of the décor, we offer a geometric crystal decanter. The angles and edges of this decanter are truly stunning and are sure to impress almost as much as the wine.

Spiegelau Authentis 1.5L Decanter

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Looking for a moderately priced, relatively high-end decanter? Be sure to check out the Spiegelau Authentis 1.5L Decanter. This beauty features smooth, clean lines, and has a ton of space to let your wine breath.

Shiraz Decanter

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Our truly gorgeous decanters come in Shiraz and Vinocchio options. The Shiraz decanter is unique in that is rests laterally on its side for maximum aeration and can also stand straight up to save space. The Vinocchio decanter is almost glass art in its own right. Shaped like an orb with a narrow neck that shoots upward, the Vinnochio decanter comes with a black base as if it were actually a piece of art on display. Whether you’re opening an old bottle or you want a young one to open up, all of our decanters do the job in style.