Cooler Than Cool Glacier Boilermaker Bundle

Why We Keep Our Beer & Shot Icy With These Glasses:
  • Proprietary gel keeps your beer and preferred spirit extra cold 
  • Silicone band insulates your booze and is comfortable to hold
No matter what bar crosses your path, you can always count on a beer and a shot combo. Now with this bundle, your Boilermaker special will be cooler than ever. When frozen, the proprietary gel inside the glass keeps your favorite brews and shots at the perfect temperature without having to wait for it to chill in the fridge. Stay frosty.

Product Details:
  • Four glasses
  • Bundle includes two pint glasses and two shot glasses
  • Beer glass holds 16 oz comfortably, shot glass holds 3oz comfortably
  • Silicone band for comfortable handling
  • Glass construction
  • Hand wash only