Heavyweight Cocktail Shaker

Why We’re Shaken Up By This Cocktail Shaker:
  • Heavyweight construction that is extremely satisfying to shake and quieter than other shakers
  • Built in strainer makes it an all in one tool
Originally used in flair bartending, heavyweight cocktail shakers gave performers more control as drinks were mixed mid-air. While we don’t recommend making like Tom Cruise and recreating the movie Cocktail at home, the design is still ideal for classic use. The weight of this shaker provides it with great durability and the thicker walls muffle the sound of the ice chilling your cocktail inside. It’s also smaller than most shakers, allowing it to be held in one hand more easily.

Product Details:
  • Comfortably holds 500 mL (17 oz) 
  • Heavyweight, Stainless steel construction
  • Durable, 1.35 mm-thick walls
  • Built-in strainer