Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass (Set of 4)

This glass was designed by a panel of master brewers to enhance the flavor and aroma of whatever beer you choose to pour inside it. We find it's the perfect glass for the craft beer lover who doesn't have one or two particular styles they love, but instead likes to try it all.

Product Details:

  • 15.5 oz capacity
  • Non-leaded crystal
  • Certified dishwasher safe
  • Made in Germany


Customer Reviews

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Nicholas H.
So far, so good.

I have really enjoyed these beer glasses. I’ve used them with several different beer types and they all allow the beer to be at its best. I’ve washed them in the dishwasher a few times and so far not damage. That has been my issue in the past so I’m hopeful these won’t break.

David C.
Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass

Fantastic glasses! Perfect for all types of beer especially craft IPA's and Belgians.

Good Product, Overpriced

Really enjoying having something other than pint glasses for my home brew. They probably would hold a 12 oz. bottle, but my 16 oz. swing tops need a second pass to empty. Speaking of pint glasses, these are not heavy-duty glassware like my Libby pints. They are more delicate, and require more gentle treatment. It’s not a problem for my situation, but YMMV. Seems like the thinner glass allows the beer to warm up faster, which isn’t necessarily bad. I find the ales I drink are more flavorful at warmer temps. than the megabrews would have you use.

My one regret is not price checking as is my custom. This product is not unique to this seller, and I find it for about 20% less with free shipping with my customary online retailer. You know, the one named the same as Wonder Woman’s heritage.

William C.
Wonderful Glasses

I love theses glasses and will say they are sturdy but not heavy. They make drinking beer a pleasure...

Tulip Beer Glasses

Bought these for my son for Xmas. Said it was one of the best gifts he got. love the design and style. great price too!