Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Stopper & Pump Set

Why We Preserve Our Wine With This Stopper:

  • On the rare occasions when we have leftover wine, we want to make sure it's delicious on Day Two
  • Sturdy (and food-safe) materials hold up over time 

Oxygen is the "frenemy" of wine. Wine needs oxygen to bring out the flavors and aromas we know and love, but too much oxygen, and you've got a bottle of vinegar on your hands. When we manage to end a night with a bottle of wine unifinished, we always make sure to have this stopper on hand. It's one of the sturdiest vacuum pumps we've used, and it removes excess oxygen from the bottle, keeping your wine from going stale overnight. With this little gadget, you'll never have to pour wine down the drain again.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Wine Stopper & Pump Set Details:

  • Includes air removal pump
  • Includes two food-safe stoppers