Grove & Vine Sicilian Olive Oil

Grove & Vine

Olive oil is probably the most perfect accompaniment to a wine and cheese party, and this olive oil is hands down the best bottle of olive oil we have ever tasted. Grove & Vine is the project of two of our good friends, Italian wine expert Dan Amatuzzi and Olive Oil expert Nicholas Coleman. Thanks to their relationships with producers around the world, they are able to gain access to amazing oils that none of us would normally be able to try.

We're dead serious when we say this is the best oil you'll ever taste. Thanks to this oil, we'll never buy EVOO in the supermarket again.

Product Details:

  • 375 ml bottle

About The Oil:

From Chiaramonte, Siciliy

Harvest October 2017

Sicily remains one of the most important places in the world for extra virgin olive oil.  Master miller Salvatore Cutrera oversees the multi-generational family production.  He insists on hand harvesting when the olives are young, green and healthy. The fruit is then coddled to the mill within four hours and cold extracted using a state-of-the-art Pieralisi DMF Leopard 8.  He assured us "to produce a quality oil, it is important to make every step correctly: cultivation, harvesting, milling and bottling.  If one step is done incorrectly, the oil is ruined forever."

Oils produced from early harvest Nocellara Del Belice olives tend to be fruity and vibrant, with hints of green apple skin or green tomato vine, ending with a robust, peppery finish.  These oils are quite assertive when used as a finishing oil and can add to the food a pleasing zesty element, pairing well with grilled fish, pizza, eggplant parm and seafood pastas.  It's also excellent for using to dip bread into. Do not cook with this oil. We recommend pouring it raw on top of your favorite dish, so its flavor remains distinct.