The Classic Cocktail Barware Set

Why We Stir With This Set:

  • Professional-grade tools are sturdy and functional

Every home bar needs a set of tools to get the job done. This set of commercial-grade barware is everything you need to make the classics at home.

Product Details:

  • Set of 4 (Mixing Glass, Hawthorne Strainer, Double Jigger, Weighted Barspoon)
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead-free crystal mixing glass
  • Professional grade
  • Hand wash recommended

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Nice looking product, but poor execution

I bought this bar kit and loved how it looked with a classy design.

Unfortunately the strainer that was packaged in this product was just a bit too small for the mixing glass, and kept falling into the glass itself. After a few uses the strainer fell in, got lodged in the glass, and caused broke the glass to break from the inside when trying to remove it. For items that are packaged together, they didn’t seem to work well together. I threw out the mixing glass and bought another one by the same brand on Amazon that fit the strainer without issue.

The stir and jigger are both fine.