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Whiskey Stones (Set of 6)

The VinePair Store

Take home our lovely cloth bag of six whisk(e)y stones and you'll never worry about watered down drinks again.

Product Details:

  • Set of 6 soapstones
  • Soapstone has a high specific heat capacity (.98 J/gK), which means your drink will stay cold for an hour plus. It's also extremely dense (2980 kg/m3), so the stones won't change the flavor of your drink.
  • Won't scratch your glass

Product Directions:

  • Wash the stones in warm water and dry completely.
  • Return stones to the bag and place in freezer for at least 4 hours.
  • Arrange the stones in a single layer on the bottom of your glass.
  • Pour your drink over the stones and wait 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy sipping your drink without worrying about dilution!

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