Big Swigger Whole Bottle Wine Glass

Why We Go Big And Swig With This Glass:

  • Large bowl holds an entire bottle of wine, maximizing efficiency
  • Makes a fantastic, humorous (but useful) gift

If you're a fan of "good pours" and find that most standard stemware isn't big enough to fit your needs, it's time to acquaint yourself with the Big Swigger. This glass holds an entire 750mL bottle of wine. It's a great gift for anyone who loves a big glass of vino, could use a reason to chill out, or even for those looking for a clever way to display their cork collection.  Plus, in times like these, it can be absolutely exhausting getting up for multiple refills. As always, swig responsibly.

Product Details:

  • Holds one entire  standard 750mL bottle of wine
  • 9.25" Height
  • Glass construction
  • Hand wash only
  • Can also be used to hold your cork collection