Our Mother's Day Staff Picks

Executive Editor Emily Saladino:

My mother isn't a big drinker, but she loves to entertain and has really excellent taste.

Social Media Editor Alison Wynn

My mom is a true hero and sends me pictures of my dog everyday, so she deserves the best; especially these candles and the customizable cheeseboard.

Brand Partnerships Director Jeff Licciardello

My mom never really jumps on the “Treat Yo’ Self” train but totally deserves these perfect wine glasses and gorgeous decanter (for when I force them to open the cellar). Also she’s been asking for a VinePair shirt since we made them in 2015 and I have yet to pull the trigger.

VP of Sales Liz Cronin

Mom lives in a warm weather state so making and keeping things cold are of the utmost importance!

Senior Staff Writer Cat Wolinski

These three items will not only dress up the household and make my mom feel special, they'll totally improve our family gatherings.

VinePair Co-Founder Adam Teeter

My mom loves products that are special and unique, and I love to get her things I'd also enjoy using when I'm home for a visit. I recently got her a bar cart, so I'm choosing products that would look great on it.