Valentine's Day Gifts For Skimm’rs

Valentine's Day Gifts For Skimm’rs

Flowers for Valentine’s Day?
Groundbreaking. Don’t get stuck with less-than-perfect V-Day gifts this year. VinePair teamed up with theSkimm to curate gift suggestions for that special someone. Or just treat yourself, we won’t judge.

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Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Great for the special someone with the big personality but even bigger heart. Who doesn't love a good donut flask?

Champagne On My Wrist

These bracelet flasks are ideal for a night on the town or even your next family function. This incognito vessel is not only easy to wear, but also comes in three colors. You might have seen them on Ellen.

Happy Hour Is From Four To Six

The perfect glassware and entertaining essentials for a glamorous night in or your next Hulu binge.

Bask In The Moments That Matter

Take the guesswork out of playing bartender with these foolproof craft cocktail kits.