Blueberry & Lavender Craft Cocktail Mixer

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Tired of making the same cocktails every weekend? These craft mixers bring the expertise of a bartender to your living room.

Impress your friends by incorporating this delicious mixer into your cocktail night. The fruit-forward flavor derived from Maine blueberries harmonizes with lavender for a bright flavor profile that can help you riff your favorite martini or gin and tonic. The citrus undertones, along with balanced sweetness derived from pure clover honey, provide an effortless and delicious serve. The versatility of this mixer allows it to pair well in non-cocktail settings, such as iced tea, lemonade, seltzer, or even smoothies.

Product details:
  • Naturally handcrafted in New Hampshire
  • 16 fl oz bottle
  • Makes approximately 10+ cocktails
  • Only 60 calories per serving