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Zalto Burgundy Glass


Zalto glasses are universally considered to be the best wine glasses in the world and once you own them, you'll see why. Hand-blown in a tiny village in Austria, close to the Czech border, every single aspect of the glass's design has been in the pursuit of creating the finest glasses available. These glasses are the lightest and thinnest you will ever use, which is absolutely unbelievable when you realize they are also dishwasher safe! 

These Burgundy glasses were designed specifically for wines like Pinot Noir and Barolo. The wide mouth allows you to smell all of the incredible aromas while allowing air to open the wine, maximizing its flavor.

Product Details:

  • Hand blown
  • Lead free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds 530ml of wine
  • Price as listed is for 1 Glass