November 14, 2017 1 min read

If you like barrel-aged spirits like whiskey, you’ve probably been curious about the process, and maybe have even wanted to try aging spirits yourself. The Barrel Aged Spirits Kit allows you to do just that and more. The kit comes with two honeycombed charred-oak barrel staves, a cheesecloth strainer, and an aging guide. This set is perfect for giving your spirits deeper, more complex flavors and aromas and simulates the aging process of charred-oak barrels.

You can either slip a charred-oak stave into a bottle of liquor to add more depth and age, or you can add a stave to moonshine to turn it into whiskey or turn a blanco tequila into a reposado. You can allow the charred-oak staves to rest in the bottles for as long as you want for the desired flavor. You can also oak age a cask of your favorite cocktails such as Negronis or Manhattans.

How To Make Barrel-Aged Whiskey At Home

Whatever your preference, this kit is perfect for giving your favorite spirit a little more character, or for experimenting with making your own spirits. The kit is an easy, simple way to see the aging process in action. Whenever you’re ready, just strain the final product through cheesecloth and enjoy.