October 30, 2017 1 min read

You can always get wine glasses or decanters for the wine enthusiast in your life, but sometimes a simple gift can be just as thoughtful, and funny. Whether it’s a present for the holidays or a “just because” gift, these hilarious wine T-shirts are sure to draw a few chuckles. And nothing says class and style like a wine themed T-shirt.

“Champagne Please” T-shirt

If you’re into Champagne, we offer a Champagne Please T-shirt. We can’t ensure that the shirt will motivate those around you to bring you a glass of bubbly, but it’s certainly worth a try. Eventually, someone will heed the calling and bring you a flute of Champagne.

Screw It T-shirt

If you’ve had a rough day, or are just generally ambivalent, the “Screw It” T-shirt is the one for you. The T-shirt features a corkscrew and we think it’s a funny play on words. You’re sure to get a few double takes on the street wearing this statement shirt.

My Wine Drinking Shirt

And if you’re tired of spilling wine on a shirt you care about, don’t fear. We have a T-shirt designed specifically for drinking wine. “This Is My Wine Drinking Shirt” pretty much says it all. Stand out from the crowd and keep it casual at your next tasting event or wine tour.