October 31, 2017 2 min read

I had about 12 hours before my flight from Madrid back to the United States, and I found myself wrapping bottles of wine in T-shirts. I had visited a neighborhood wine shop in Moncloa the day before to buy some good Spanish reds as mementos from my trip and as gifts for friends and family back home.

Now, I was rifling through my suitcase, looking for the thickest pieces of clothing I had to wrap the wine bottles and keep them safe for my transatlantic journey. I barely had enough space in my bag, but I somehow managed to pack a dozen bottles into a bag that was already busting at the seams when I had arrived in Madrid eight weeks earlier. When I checked it at the airport, I had premonitions of my bag hitting the baggage claim belt and red wine seeping out. Doesn’t look great at customs and border patrol. I hoped for the best.

VinePair offers a practical, simple solution to the wine traveler’s dilemma. You want to bring back some wine to remember your trip and to share with family and friends, but bottles are fragile and the contents precious. These wine skins are a lightweight, easy way to keep your bottles safe on your return home.

The inside provides a bubble wrap cushion to protect the glass bottles. You never know how your bag is going to land on the baggage claim belt, so these wine skins have a double adhesive seal just in case a bottle happens to break. It’s hard enough to say goodbye to a wine you were looking forward to drinking, but its twice as bad if you end up with red wine-soaked linen shirts. Get your pack of wine skins now.